The Protest - Great Lengths Album Cover

The Protest Reaches Great Lengths On Exciting New Record

Review By: Stephanie Crail
Release Date: 12/16/14
Rating: [usr 9.75]

With the release of Great Lengths, Christian metal band The Protest displays new levels of maturity and musicianship. This exciting record certainly will not disappoint fans of hard rock. The songwriting is superb, and the talent of each band member truly shines through. Drummer Jarob Bramlett establishes a most impressive drum presence on this record, and creates a solid foundation for the others to build upon.

“Rebel Static,” the electrifying first single, is an anthem that inspires believers to be bold in speaking about their faith, and declares to the world that they will not be silenced. The solitary ballad, “You Were There,” really showcases lead singer Josh Bramlett’s dynamic and powerful voice. This calm and encouraging song is a great reminder that God has always been there through every trial, even when it was not evident in the moment.

The dissonance at the beginning of “Lost At Sea” invokes an air of unrest and struggle. This song speaks to those times in life when thoughts of the past and unfulfilled hopes and dreams can feel so overwhelming that they threaten to drown us. But there is always a beacon of hope, a star on the horizon that beckons us onward, despite the fear and uncertainty. The soaring strings intermingle with the cry of the lead guitar, reaching and stretching toward that star, bringing the song to a sweet resolution.

Some other highlights include “Haunted,” “Vicious Cycle,” and “Ironclad.” “Haunted” warns of the danger of getting too comfortable being of the world, and not simply in it. This song provides an excellent platform for lead guitarist Adam Sadler to show off his exceptional guitar playing skills. “Vicious Cycle” deals with the struggle of getting caught up in bad habits and negative thinking, and the desire to break free from that vicious cycle of wanting to do the right thing and yet still sliding back into old habits. The infectious guitar riffs will bring listeners back time and again.

“Ironclad,” which is quite possibly the heaviest track, is an exhilarating, hard-hitting song that will have listeners’ hearts racing and fists pumping in the air. Throughout the record, the driving rhythm guitar of T.J. Colwell provides a perfect compliment to Sadler’s playing, the two of them creating an incredibly immense guitar sound.

Great Lengths is an extremely solid record from start to finish and will have listeners pumped up and ready to tackle whatever challenges the day might bring, whether that be inner demons or the world which surrounds us. As believers, we must go to great lengths to break free from the addictions, bad habits, and negative thinking that hold us back from a full life, just as Jesus Christ went to great lengths to provide us a way to do so. With the release of Great Lengths, The Protest secures their place in the realm of Christian rock. We have only just begun to see what this outstanding band is capable of.

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