Dan Bremnes Shows Listeners “Where the Light Is” With Latest Record

Review Date: 06/03/15
Review By: Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 06/09/15
Rating: [usr 9.5]

Dan Bremnes is an up and coming singer-songwriter from British Colombia, Canada. At the age of 10 Dan started playing drums in order to pursue his dreams of becoming a drummer. Fast forward many years later, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and son in order to pursue his musical career as a singer songwriter. His upcoming release Where the Light Is really shows his passion for music.

The first, and title, track “Where the Light Is” is an inspirational, thoughtful song calling out to God to lead us towards the light. “God come quickly, only you can save me, will you lead me where the light is” – these lyrics really show Dan’s desire to follow God with his whole life, and go wherever the Lord leads him. The upbeat, encouraging beat really lifts listener’s spirits with just one listen.

“Beautiful” is the first single from the album. The song that really put the name “Dan Bremnes” into people’s minds. With good reason too. The thoughtful, passionate lyrics resonate with listeners all around the world. “And you changed me from what I used to be, opened my eyes now I can see, Your making this life so beautiful” – these lyrics really celebrate how God changed our lives for the better.

“Heart On Fire” is a very upbeat, fun song. The song talks about how as Christians our desire should be to live our lives with a passion for serving God. The upbeat, catchy, and fun chorus will put a smile on the faces of listeners every time they hear it.

“In His Hands” is another soul filled encouraging song. The song talks about how when his mother died, and when his son was born, he always knew God was there. The song reassures listeners that God is always with us, and is always taking care of us, through the highs and the lows.

“He Knows” is a very vulnerable, honest, reassuring song talking about those times when life gets difficult. “And when it feels like your holding, the world on your shoulders, just let go and trust him, cause he knows” – these lyrics are a breath of fresh air to listeners when life gets difficult and it seems like God is far away.

Overall Where the Light Is is a phenomenal album. Dan has a immense talent for pouring a lot of soul into each and every song. The emotion and passion is felt throughout each and every song. The success and talent in this album has definitely set Dan Bremnes up for a long and successful career in the CCM industry.

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