Jo’s Devotions 06/01/15: Count Your Blessings

For each new day I see, I thank You;

For the good health I’m in, I praise You;

For the lives of family and friends, I bless Your holy name;

For mental stability, I owe it all to You;

For academic excellence, all I can do is to exalt You, Lord;

For granting me favor before royalty and the ordinary, I’m lost for words;


This is just the beginning whenever I decide to count my blessings. The list is endless but the exercise is necessary because no matter what I’m going through, it reminds me that there’s always something to be thankful to God for. Counting my blessings takes away the doubt that God cannot do what I’ve asked of Him because my past is a testimony of His never-ending wonders.

Counting your blessings turns you from being a demanding Christian into a thankful one. It takes your mind away from what you don’t have at the moment and concentrates it on what you have-the things money can’t buy: breath of life, good health, favor before men, academic progress….these are blessings worth counting each day.

So whenever you feel tempted to think God is withholding something from you, shame the devil by recounting all what the Lord has done for you and you’ll find out that your faith in God will be renewed and your hope in Him will rekindle.

Let’s start counting and praise God for all that He has done, shall we?


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