Extol Release Of Light And Shade Documentary DVD

The Extol “Of Light and Shade” DVD has finally been released! Shirts are selling out fast, but you can still pick up the DVD (and a shirt if you’re quick)!

A documentary about the Norwegian Christian death metal band Extol. In 2007, after 6 studio-releases, Norwegian Grammy award nomination, world wide touring with bands such as Mastodon and Opeth, the band went off the radar without any explanation. More than 5 years later, Extol reunites to embark on the production of new material. But life looks truly different for the trio Peter, David and Ole. With family duties and health issues to consider the challenges are lining up for the group that is determined to make “the best death metal album in ages!”. The band that have been faced with attacks from two main oppositions; both Christians and forces within the Norwegian metal scene, known for their brutality and dark history. How does Extol combine their faith with this expression, in a genre that is built upon the aggressive, morbid and occult? Out April 2015 on DVD and Video-On-Demand.

Director: Åsmund Janøy
Producer: Peter Espevoll, Åsmund Janøy
Executive producer: Jairus Pascale
Editor: Torkel Jørv, Åsmund Janøy
Photo: Erlend Sørbø, Kristoffer Grindheim, Viktor Storjord
Music: Extol, Aslak Hartberg, Jon Henning Orten
Production company: Animidas Produksjon, Prophet Productions
Distribution/Label: Indie Recordings

Full documentary (69 min)
Play Features:
– Subtitles: English, French, Hungarian, German, Spanish
– Chapters

Extended and deleted scenes:
– The Studio Diaries
– Mixing the Album (extended scene)
– Making of “A Gift Beyond Human Reach”
– Metal Moms
– Pastor Bob Beeman – the complete interview

Live clips from the archives:
– Burial (live from Lutakko, Finland 2000)
– Renewal (live from DP festival, Norway 2000)
– Undeceived (live from Bobfest, Sweden 2002)
– Jesus kom til jorden for å dø (live from bobfest, Sweden 2004)
– Blood Red Cover (live from Motstøy, Norway 2004)
– The Death Sedative (live from Hulen, Norway 2005)
– Celestial Completion (live from Chain Reaction, USA 2005)

Story Source: Facedown Records

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