For the past fifteen years, Growthtrac founders Jim and Sheri Mueller have worked tirelessly in creating innovative resources that provide faith-based advice to strengthen marriages.  Over the years, Growthtrac has become a trusted gatekeeper for consumers to discover other excellent marriage resources that are focused on the same goals. Due to an outpouring of requests from readers, Growthtrac is launching an online “Marriage Store” with easy access to the best faith-based marriage enrichment books, curriculums and resources available that have been endorsed or vetted by the ministry.

Growthtrac Ministries is an organization created solely to strengthen marriages by providing life-changing, Christ-centered resources through innovative online media.  By strategically using online media – web and streamed radio – Growthtrac prepares couples for marriage, enriches existing marriages and helps hurting marriages.  With over 4,000 pages of expert articles, author interviews, devotionals and marriage-building resources, Growthtrac is a respected, and valuable asset to anyone desiring healthy relationships.

As Growthtrac is in the midst of their “Reach One Million” initiative, the founders hope that The Marriage Store will help provide needed helps for anyone who is seeking advice, guidance and assistance creating a strong, lasting Godly marriage.

Recently, the website and GrowthtracRadio have been honored by an incredible jump in their audience.  In April 2015, the ministry served more than 60,000 couples, an increase of over 200% from the year before. With the launch of the “Reach One Million” campaign, Growthtrac is on target to reach their goal of serving 1 Million Marriages annually by mid-2016.

“Our research indicates the number-one destination for couples seeking marriage help is the web,” explains Jim. “So that’s why we’re there, providing a safety net to thousands of marriages worldwide. Our web-based ministry offers couples a confidential, convenient, and cost-effective venue in which to gain the expert advice and resources they seek for a healthier marriage–just a mouse click or keyboard touch away.” 

The Marriage Store is launching strong, featuring over 500 titles over a wide array of topics and voices.  Growthtrac’s Marriage Store is unique, acting as an aggregator offering the best of the best products and resources from a variety of authors, innovators, organizations and ministries worldwide.

Growthtrac recently recruited the acclaimed director of “The Marriage Recovery Center,” Dr. David Hawkins, to create a weekly series titled “The Marriage Medic.”  Each week, Dr. Hawkins tackles a relationship question submitted by a reader, and gives respectful, healthy information that anyone in a marriage can use. With recent topics including anger, infidelity and addiction, The Marriage Medic is quickly becoming a much-valued addition to the Growthtrac brand.

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