The ever popular Christian punk rockers Children 18:3 have released their fourth and final album Come In today. The 11 track closing offering from the band features their current radio single “Hold Your Breath” and their cover of an unreleased track from fellow Christian rockers The Wedding entitled “Bethlehem.” Funded by a Kickstarter campaign at the start of last year, Come In is the first album they’ve recorded independently from Tooth & Nail, their former record label, although they did partner with T&N to distribute the record.

In the original kickstarter campaign video Children 18:3 said that they wanted to “make the album of their lives” and that it was time to “pour their hearts out like never before” with “no boundaries to make a label happy” in place. They also said that their last album would be the “most rockin’ and honest from Children 18:3 yet and that it’ll provide the world with hope.” As far as we’re concerned, with Come In, the Hostetter siblings have achieved their goals for the record, and then some, and Come In comes with the JesusWired stamp of approval! Be sure to pick up your copy of the album through the links below (or wherever you buy your music) and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below. We will hopefully be reviewing the album in the coming weeks, and interviewing the band too, so be sure to “Get Plugged In!” to our social media accounts below to stay wired in for any updates on those.

Come In Track List:
1. Come In
2. Bethlehem
3. After All…
4. Hold Your Breath
5. Don’t Stop Moving
6. Because Of You
7. For This We Ride
8. Let There Be Light
9. Watch Over Me
10. Great Big World
11. Long Ride Home

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