Brandon Heath & JesusWired’s Maddy Agers Talk New Album And Redemption

Hey guys! Maddy here.

This afternoon I got the chance to speak with the one and only Brandon Heath. To find out where Brandon got saved and the idea behind his new album and title track “No Turning Back”, be sure to listen to our call below.

For all my fellow teens, y’all should know that this album is geared towards us quite a lot! To see what I mean, check out Brandon’s redemption story and definitely pick up this album as soon as possible.

If you would like to partake in the #NoTurningBack phenomenon, I have given you the links to Brandon’s social media below. I have also included the link to Rebekah Joy’s review of the album for you to all check out!

Thanks again to Brandon Heath and all of the people who worked behind the scenes to make this happen! You can download the interview below, and it will be up on our YouTube Channel tomorrow.



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