Jo’s Devotions 03/09/2015: Seventy Times Seven

We ought to forgive: we hear it all around us and even see it written boldly in posters on social media. This move is laudable because, without it, cases of heart failures would skyrocket globally on an impossible scale. And now that it is an established fact that forgiveness benefits the one giving it more than the one receiving it, it helps people to let go more for the sake of themselves. As a poster, and Lewis B. Smedes put it, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

But even with that, people still have found a loophole to still hold their offenders in their hearts. There is this common ideology of forgiving but not necessarily forgetting. So although they don’t hold a grudge against others anymore, the memory of the offending act is still active in their heads. So all it takes for all the pain and hurt to bottle back up is the face of the culprit or just a gesture or comment to trigger the memory. And then we subject ourselves to uncalled-for torture by reliving the pain all over again.

But true forgiveness isn’t about putting the offender on your probation list and taking him off it the minute he shows signs of repeating the act. It is letting go completely with no exceptions or reservations. And forgive without counting how many times. It may seem humanly impossible but it is divinely possible. The God and Creator of this vast universe shows us exactly how it should be done. He just doesn’t forgive, He blots it out-He remembers it no more. Now, that’s true forgiveness. We can all do so if only we tap into God’s grace to fully forgive.

So all of us keeping an audio-visual record of some wrong done to us by either a parent, teacher, friend, colleague or spouse, know that we’re not through with the forgiveness process yet. You would know if you have completely let go when you don’t even remember what was done to you or how it made you feel.

Let’s do self-checks and go on forgiveness-sprees this year. We will feel much better about ourselves and God, in his grand pleasure with us, will bless our souls.

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