Creation Festivals Looking Forward to Best Year Ever in 2015

Creation Festivals partners and Executive Producers, Pastor Harry Thomas (co-Founder) and Troy Duhon (Executive Producer of God’s Not Dead) are thrilled to announce a multitude of exciting new upgrades and improvements for festival-goers.

“We’re looking forward to our best year ever in 2015! We are adding conveniences, improvements and new experiences that are all designed to add value and spiritual impact to the Christian music festival experience,” explains Thomas. “In 1979, the inaugural year for Creation, we didn’t even have showers available. While some things, like our mission and core values, have remained constant, our culture and the expectations of festival-goers have obviously evolved considerably during the past 36 years. We recognize the needs of our festival attendees have changed and we are answering the call to meet those needs.”

Creation Festivals currently produces four of the largest outdoor Christian Music Festivals in the country, including Creation Festival Northeast (PA), Sonshine Festival (MN), Creation Ichthus Festival (KY), and Creation Festival Northwest (WA). Each of these festivals will see an increased focus on programming for teens and tweens, including an emphasis on Youth Group experiences, including:

  • New Camp experiences that are one-on-one between groups
  • New Meal Plan options for groups to make it easy
  • New Smaller unique worship experiences and Chapel service
  • New Enhanced Youth Group Activities and competitions
  • New Missions & Community service options for Youth Groups
  • New Team Building activities
  • New Ultimate Fan experiences
  • New Resource partners with The Human Right, Compassion International, God’s Not Dead, PureFlix, Adventure Serve, and Youth Works
  • New Improved locations for Creation NW, Sonshine Festival, and Creation Ichthus with more conveniences, better and more camping options, swimming and more
  • New Buddy Pass–an evangelistic evening ticket to invite friends and buddies.
  • New iShine Tween program each day

Also scheduled to be developed over the next 3-5 years are new options such as:

  • More VIP RV sites with Hook-ups
  • More VIP Camping sites
  • More VIP Experiences
  • More improved shower and bathroom options
  • More options & Resources for Youth Groups and Families

“Creation Festivals recognizes that reclaiming the arts for Christ extends beyond just music,” explains Duhon. “Festival-goers can expect a Creation Cinema experience as an enhanced celebration of the arts. There will also be expanded resources available for local ministries, youth workers, worship leaders and pastors.”

7afb4b9b-eb6d-4842-8408-f2b17d9d35ca“Over the years, Creation has seen tens of thousands of lives changed by Jesus Christ at these festivals,” says Thomas. “We see them continuing as powerful outreaches to bring the active and living Gospel of Christ to people of all generations. We’re dedicating ourselves to use music, the spoken word, film and the arts to spread the Gospel. Premier destinations, combined with our continued commitment to improvements that offer added value, great ministry and outreach, enhanced experiences and better convenience, guarantee your time at a Creation Festival will be the highlight of your summer, and maybe of your life!”

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About Creation Festivals:

Creation Festivals is one of the oldest and largest operators of Christian music festivals in the United States. We exist to present the Gospel through music, teaching and any other creative means so that those attending will be drawn to salvation and discipleship in Christ. We come together by the thousands to “Give Tribute to Our Creator” and to allow His Spirit to birth many as “new Creations” in Jesus Christ who will love and serve Him.

Dates for 2015:

Creation Festival Northeast: June 24 – 27 (Mt. Union, PA)

Creation Ichthus Festival: July 8 – 11 (Lexington, KY)

Sonshine Festival: July 16 – 18  (Twin Cities Region, Somerset, WI)

Creation Festival Northwest: July 30 – Aug 1 (Kennewick, WA)


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