I Am They Wows Fans With Debut Self-Titled Album

Review Date: 02/15/2015
Review By:  Rebekah Joy (17)
Release Date: 01/23/2015
Rating: [usr 10]

I Am They is a 6 person worship band based in Carson City Nevada. The band got their start in 2011 by leading worship, and opening for various CCM bands, and it led them to a record deal with Provident Label Group. Since then they have completed and release their self-titled debut album I Am They.

The first song “We Are Yours” gets off to a very folk sounding start. The melody is only sung by one vocalist, which really emphasizes the powerful lyrics. After the solo melodies the rest of the vocalists join in for the chorus, which adds power and energy to the song. “At the end of the day, this will remain, forever we are yours, forever we are yours.” The song talks about how no matter what happens, and what we do, at the end of the day we always belong to God, and He will always love us.

“Awake My Love” starts with very simple vocals and guitar, and again builds when the rest of the vocalists join in. “I was a cold and heavy heart, but I was desperate for a new start, that’s when your love came rushing in, and I am never going back again,” these lyrics talk about how before we meet God we are lonely and hopeless people, and how God’s love changes all that, and about how it is so wonderful we can never imagine anything else.

“Your Love Is Mine” has a very warm, comforting, and unique feel to it. It talks about how before receiving Christ’s love we were all lost, and because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us we are all free. “I once was lost, and burdened by my shame, but you took the cross, and suffered in my place, you rescued me, I belong to you.”

“Over & Over Again” is a very reflective, quiet song meant for worship. The harmonies add emotion and passion to the already deep, thought- provoking lyrics. The song talks about how no matter how far away from God we are, or how many times we walk away from God, He will always love us, and find us. “Over and Over again, your love and your mercy beings, no matter how far you’ll find me where I am, Over again.”

“King Of Love” has a very unique folk feel, as it talks about how God never fails us, and is always there for us. Whether we’re in a really low point in life, or up on a mountain, God is always there and always loves us. “Never failing, ruler of my heart, everlasting, lover of my soul, on the mountain high, or in the valley low, the king of love our Shepard is.

“Even Me” and “Make A Way” are both songs of praise and thanks to God. The songs talk about how great God is, and all the wonderful things He has done for us. The lyrics so beautifully verbalize how when we are going through seasons of difficulty, God is always there walking alongside us.

The first single off the album “From The Day” has a very fun, happy tone to it. The song talks about how from the day we become Christians, until the day we die and go to heaven, we will praise and thank God for all He has done. “From the day you saved by soul, till the very moment when I come home, I’ll sing, I’ll dance, my heart will overflow, from the day you saved my soul.”

“Here’s My Heart” is a song offering ourselves to God. It’s a song crying out to God to use us for His work. The calm, quiet tone of the song leads to a great space for reflection. The lyrics lead listeners to reflect and pray about their lives, and to call out to God for more. I Am They does a great job of verbalizing this cry to God that can so often be forgotten.

“Amen” is a beautiful close to an incredible album. A beautiful prayer calling out for God’s kingdom to come here on earth.

Overall this is an incredible worship album. These songs will definitely become songs that are heard at churches all over the world and loved by many.

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