Jo’s Devotions 02/23/2015: Sing Your Prayer

I learnt today that singing can be an act of prayer. Sometimes life gets so stressful and exhausting that taking time to pray becomes a problem but we are advised to never cease praying so whenever you cannot find the right words to pray to our Father, but rather your voice, you should consider using it to pray in a song.

There are many powerful prayers written in the form of songs-you just have to find them. A lot of psalms and hymns are stronghold-breaking prayers when studied carefully. And thanks to the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, we have the ability to decipher our spiritual situation and find a solution to it.

Sometimes you feel so tired to pray and so empty-headed to think of something to say but suddenly a song drops in your spirit and from the moment you open your lips and let lose your tongue, you feel a sudden burden lift off your shoulders and your breathing becomes lighter and easier and a sudden rush of joy and peace just touches your soul and you feel…released. Have you ever experienced it?

No matter where you find yourself and regardless of the job you do, you can always make time to say something to God. Be it a hum or an actual vocalization of a song, you could use it as a way to communicate with your Master, be it a petition or appreciation for how far He has brought you.

Life is hard and the times are busy but we cannot allow the pressures of this life to rob us of the quality time we need to share with the One to whom we owe our lives. All we have to do is pray for a sensitive spirit so we may hear the promptings of the Spirit as to when to make a call to our Father.

So whenever you find yourself very busy and you suddenly find yourself singing, do not stop. Let it all out; you may never know-it could bring you the answers and the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.

Want to say something to God but can’t find the words? Sing it! He’s always listening to your call.


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