After generating a strong buzz with Davidic released in 2013, Artist/Producer Nabiy is back with his fifth full length project entitled Epic Reign. Presently living in Northern California, where he’s making his musical mark, creatively spreading the Gospel through anointed and spirit filled music. This is an urban worship composition, in the form of drums, strings and ambient sounds. This album is a hybrid mixture of praise, dance and worship to help create an environment for individuals to get into the presence of God. Also, an album birthed out of loss, pain, and breakthrough. Nabiy went through some trying times in 2014 and this album represents the rule and reign of God in his life in the midst of it all. This album consist of 10 unique songs with different expressions to take you on a journey in the Spirit, with simple sounds but major moods.  So let this album encourage you that when it seems like everything in your life is falling apart, God still reigns and in Him is all the joy, peace, and breakthrough that’s needed. 

This album has been dedicated to his Mom ‘Janice Hill & Nephew ‘Suge” RIH.

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About Nabiy:
My name is Dr. Michael Hill. I’m a Pastor, Husband, Father, Producer and Artist. As an artist, I am Nabiy. Nabiy is pronounced (naw-bee’) a Hebrew word meaning : a prophet or inspired man, one that prophecy’s or gives prophecy. This is the name that God gave to me years ago when I began in ministry. Nabiy is a description of the giftings that God placed in me that I didn’t quite understand then. As a young man God started to develop a strong  prophetic grace on my life. At that time I wasn’t fully aware that the grace God put on my life was very similar to King David. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s God used me as a christian rapper traveling the states with my brother. I gained a lot of experience in the music industry and during that time that’s when God put it on my heart to make music.  As time passed I stepped out on faith and God blessed me with a studio and I have been pulling sounds from heaven ever since. With the development of my music I could clearly see the resemblance of  King David , in my worship, sounds and psalms. I am a happily married man with four children and one grandchild. I am currently the overseer for Kingdom Life Inc in Tracy Ca.

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