We’d like to welcome Stephanie Crail to the JesusWired team of Contributors. Stephanie’s bio and what she’ll be covering for us can be seen below…

Stephanie’s Bio:

Stephanie hails from the Pittsburgh, PA area, and is an avid Steelers fan.  Her life’s passion is music (especially Christian rock) and helping to promote her favorite bands.  She strongly believes in the power of music to share the message of the Gospel and to impact lives, and wants to make sure others have the opportunity to experience that.  Stephanie’s top three bands are Disciple, The Protest, and We As Human, and her hobbies include concert-going, playing alto sax in a jazz band, and underwater basket weaving.


What Stephanie Will Be Covering:

Stephanie will be mainly covering the Rock and Hard Rock genres, but will branching out into other genres from time to time. She will be regularly contributing in the areas of album reviews, news articles, and interviews with both independent Christian bands as well as some of the top Christian bands and artists in the world.


Welcome to the team Stephanie!

Stephanie’s first 3 reviews of The Protest’s two albums, Game Changer & Great Lengths, and Disciple’s latest album Attack, will all be posted next week.


If you’re reading this, you’re a good and reliable writer, and you would be interested in writing for us then please feel free to contact us here.

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