We have all heard the saying ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’. It is safe when planning to always have a back-up. When choosing schools, we consider more than one. When seeking employment, we usually send out more than one cover letter and CV. It makes us feel better when we cover all the bases and leave no stone unturned with the hope that at least one of the options would work out.

But faith happens to be an exception to the rule.  There is nothing like a back-up plan when it comes to faith. It is either you are all in or you are out, white or black-no shades of grey and nothing in-between. Why? Because faith doesn’t encourage doubt and it certainly doesn’t like to be second-guessed. Faith expects you to put all your eggs in its basket, not a little, not some, not almost all but all of them. If you can’t trust faith, then you have no business trying to have a deal with it.

You receive according to the level of faith you have.  If you do believe that you will reap tenfold of what you’ve invested in, whatever work or talent you have been entrusted with, then so it will be. If it is a hundredfold or even more, so it will be. But as the Bible bluntly puts it, a double-minded person shouldn’t expect to receive anything from God. Why? Because such a person is like a fallen leaf, and follows wherever the wind leads him. He cannot be trusted with faith and faith is the only ticket you can use to walk with God.

Faith catches God’s attention because when you go before Him in faith, what you’re saying is that He’s all you’ve got and you know that He will come through for you. And if you know Him the way that I do, you would know that if He has brought you this far, then He is definitely not done with you. Just speak in faith and your answer will meet you at your greatest point of need.

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