Jo’s Devotions 01/29/15: What Is Your Name?

Names identify us. Some names echo our well-to-do backgrounds, others are a nagging reminder of the trail of bad luck that have followed us for generations. We feel proud when the mere mention of our names does the talking for us and takes us places in ways our efforts would never accomplish; but for others, when their names come up, the only prayer on their lips is for the earth to open and swallow them up so they would not have to face the shame which comes along with it.

Names are important; they are legacies people live and die day in and day out but their names live on (some gloriously, others infamously). Some people are doomed to stick to one way of life because of their names, for others, the sky is only the beginning.

But earthly names are irrelevant compared to what our Father above calls us. We were all born broken, flawed and confused. Our names and images in the mirror never cease to remind us of some terrible mistakes we may have made and how we ended up where we are right now. But all hope is not lost yet.

When Christ died on the cross for us, He wiped the slate clean. We are new people with brand new identities. When God looks at us, He does not see the old, unfaithful us but He sees us as washed clean.

When we are accused of being sinful, we are called the Redeemed; when we are referred to as doomed, we are called Forgiven. When we are pointed at as stray, we are called Holy and Beloved, the Children of the Most High.

Life might have scarred you with harsh and shameful names but always remember, you were reborn with a new lovely name that no one or nothing can take away from you.

So what is your name? When life breathes down on you, how do you respond?


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