Hillsong Young & Free’s New EP Breathes New Life Into Our Hearts, Minds & Feet

Review Date: 01/20/2015
Review By:  Rebekah Joy (16)
Release Date: 01/13/2015
Rating: [usr 7]

Hillsong Young & Free is a branch of the worldwide ministry of the mega church Hillsong. Hillsong Young & Free is their band created for the youth all over the world that need to hear about Jesus. Their first album, which was released in 2013, titled We Are Young And Free did not disappoint, and the same can certainly be said about their new project This Is Living.

The first, and title track, off the EP called “This Is Living” is a very upbeat poppy tune featuring well known rapper Lecrae. The song talks about how living with God is true life. God your freedom is an open door, You are everything I want and more.” These profound lyrics talk about how God’s freedom opens a door for his followers to a life they would not be able to really enjoy without him, and how God is everything we want and more.

“Energy” is a very fast, energetic tune that talks about how God is our energy. Without Him we are nothing, and He gives us the energy and passion to get through each day. “Jesus your presence is what ignites, Your truth is electric the source of life.” Lyrics like these throughout the song talk about how having Jesus in our hearts ignites us to journey through life in the best way we can. The fun upbeat rhythm of the song also helps get the message across about Jesus being our energy.

“Pursue” is a great song of worship calling out to God, and sharing our desire to pursue Him. This song is a great reminder for teens to call out to God, to always want more of Him. I’m desperate for your presence, Longing to be with you, Lead me to a new place, More of you.” These lyrics really verbally express our desire as Christians to have and know more of God everyday.

This EP includes an acoustic version of the title track “This Is Living.” This beautiful rendition of the song is very peaceful and reflective and gives more detail and emphasis to the powerful lyrics.

The final track off the EP is “Sinking Deep” and it draws the album to a powerful close. The song talks about how God has so much grace and love for us, and we will never fully understand how much he loves us. “Wrapped within arms of heaven, In a peace that last forever, Sinking deep in mercy’s sea.” These lyrics beautifully describe us as Christians. We’re wrapped in the arms of, and protected by, a God who provides us with never-ending peace and mercy.

Overall this is a great EP for teens that will be heard at youth groups around the world for a lifetime. A great addition to the family of songs created by Hillsong, these songs will do very well at impacting a whole new generation by sharing the love of Christ through their music.

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