I recently watched a short silent video which really caught my attention. It was captioned “The Files.” In the video, there was this long stretch of cabinets like the ones we see in banks. A young guy approached and opened one labelled “Lies” and it was full of files. And then he opened another one labelled “Betrayal” and it was the same. Each account was recorded with precise detail. And it went on and on. He felt sad that his life record was full of wrongdoings. But his eyes lit up with hope when he saw a cabinet with the inscription, “People I have shared the gospel with.” But to his utmost dismay, the cabinet was empty.  And when he tried to walk away from it all, he fell down, hard on the ground. Then he realized his feet were chained to the cabinet.

It got me thinking. If I were to see detailed records of my deeds since when I knew the difference between right and wrong, would I be pleased with myself? If I am to recall right from my childhood and recount the lies I have told about people, will I find the slander justifiable at the time, a totally wrong move? If I were to write down all the bad things I have done and can remember and do the same for the good things, which list would be longer?

Sometimes as we go about our lives day in and day out, we forget that our actions and inactions have consequences and sometimes ripple effects. Some things we might have said or done for just fun could have planted the poisonous seed of bitterness in someone’s heart which may still be haunting him or her till this day.

Don’t wait ’til the Judgment Day before you realize how much time you have wasted on earth hurting people and yourself in the process. The clock is ticking and no one knows when it will all end. It is not too long to make a turnaround.  Check yourself and set yourself right. Everything you do is being recorded.


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