There’s “No Turning Back” For Brandon Heath With New Album Full Of Hits

Review Date: 12/23/2014
Review By:  Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 02/10/2015
Rating: [usr 10]

With four studio albums, 5 Grammy nominations, and 6 Dove award wins, Brandon Heath is not an unknown name in the CCM industry. All four albums Don’t Get Comfortable, What If We, Leaving Eden, and Blue Mountain were phenomenal albums, and were thought to be his best work, but this assertion ultimately proved to be wrong as each album got better and better. The same holds true for his latest album No Turning Back.

The album gets off to a poignant start with “One Way To Heaven.” This song talks about how the only way to get to heaven is through God. “Ain’t no jet plane, ain’t a fast car, only one thing take it that far, only one name is the one way to heaven.” These lyrics remind listeners that there is nothing they can do to earn a trip to heaven; the only way in is through the power and love God has for us.

“Only Just Met You” is a song talking about the first time we meet God. Throughout the song Brandon talks about how despite only just meeting God, because of all He does for us, it causes us to fall head over heels for him. “Jesus your love I can’t deny I’m so completely, whole hearted head over heels, and I only just met you.” These lyrics are so relatable for listeners; the idea of falling completely in love with God despite the many unanswered questions.

The title track of the album “No Turning Back” is a song inspired by the time Brandon decided to give his life to Christ and make that declaration in front of his friends. “No turning back I’m moving on not looking back I’m giving him all that I have.” These lyrics really verbalize the step that all Christians take when they first decide to follow Jesus and give their lives to him.

“SOS” is a beautifully written ballad crying out for help. Many Christians face struggles and difficulties throughout their lives, so it is such a reassuring thing to know there is someone we can call out to that will hold us and get us through those tough times. God never promises we will never face tough times, but He does promise He’ll walk with us through the difficulties in life. “I’m surrounded by fear that won’t let go if there’s a way out someone let me know.”

Often artists will include personal songs on their albums that tell stories from their past, and give a little insight into who they are outside of the artist we see. Brandon included three of these gems on the album “Girl of My Dreams,” “Sing Brave” and “When I Was Young.” In these songs Brandon writes about his childhood, developing his passion and talent for music, and meeting and marrying the girl of his dreams.

“All I Need” is a song proclaiming the truth that God is all we need. Often times we get caught up in our worldly possessions, and gaining fortune and fame in the world, when the truth is all we need is God. “All I need, All I need in you Lord, you are all I’ll ever need.” Like Brandon says in the song, nothing can satisfy our needs the way God can and will.

It’s always so refreshing to realize that artists are real people too. They are human just like we are, and we definitely see that side of Brandon in “When You Look At Me” and “Everything Must Go.”

“Behold Our God” is a beautiful melodic song of praise talking about all the great things God does for us. Its calm reflective beginning gives listeners a chance for reflection. As the song continues you can hear the passion grow through the vocals, and increasing instrumentals.

Overall No Turning Back is a phenomenal album full of hit songs and is an album many will enjoy listening to for a long time. Based on the talent in this album it will be a long time before we stop hearing Brandon Heath on the radio.


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