Jo’s Devotions 01/12/15: Your Presence Is Heaven To Me

Heaven- nearly a household name worldwide although its meaning is subjective. For those from a religious background, it is the promised eternal resting place for the ones who have lived faithful lives to their Maker. For others, any momentary period of ecstasy and happiness is their definition of heaven.

For those who do not know our God or refuse to believe in Him, they can choose to create their idea of heaven. But for us who do know our God and are highly anticipating his second coming, spending forever with Him is all that matters to us.

But the idea of heaven should not be restricted to life after death. We can experience heaven on earth. What is it about the place that excites us so much? Apart from the bonus package of never having to experience pain or sorrow ever again, we get to feel His presence for eternity.

But who says we have to wait till after death for us to experience His presence? If the anticipation of feeling His presence all the time is what we are looking forward to, we can have a foretaste of heaven right here and now. Just invite Him into your room, office, class, bus or wherever you may find yourself and He will come and be with you. His presence comes with peace, inexplicable joy and rekindled hope for the morrow. His presence is full of pure serenity just like heaven.

We have a preview of how awesome heaven will be like whenever we feel God’s presence in our midst. Don’t let go of the presence by allowing worry and doubt to creep in, killing the atmosphere. Let His presence take charge and fill you with the power to overcome your temporary challenges and keep you under His mighty wings.


Inspired by Your Presence Is Heaven To Me track by Israel Houghton.


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