Danger Scene Releases Well Crafted Brothers EP

Review Date: 12/14/2014
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 11/04/2014
Rating: [usr 6]

Once a trio, now a duo, Danger Scene recently released their new EP Brothers. Michael and Matthew Cunningham are moving on from the departure of their previous front woman, Carla Cappa, and have created a five-track EP to show that they can still rock a show.

Ushering the EP’s intro with well crafted beats and distorted synths is “Danger.” This track explores the intricacies of having a friend caught up in something detrimental to their well being, say hanging with the wrong crowd or a harmful addiction. If you see someone struggling, try to show the willingness found in these lines: “Tell me darling, can you carry all this weight on your own? Let me lighten the load.” Giving of yourself and sharing your presence can be invaluable to those in pain.

A huge theme of the album is the captivation of a certain lady friend, as the tracks “Where I Want to Be,” “You Are the One,” and “Holy Disease” delve into the emotions experienced in the early stages of a blooming relationship. You will hear about the feelings of how one can not go a second without thinking of their crush, the sadness of rejection, and the awakening of a longing perhaps felt for the very first time.

The brothers are highly talented musically, as they know how to create a catchy beat, mesh it with likable vocal tunes, and mix in some refreshing melodies. Unfortunately, their lyric writing can use some maturing. While I know to keep in mind they might be only teenagers and they are writing about their infatuations with the ladies and how good they are at making people groove (i.e. “Reflex”), I want to hear something deeper with lyrics that match the quality of their musicality.

I look forward to what might come next from this duo, as they can only go up from here. Grab a copy of their EP Brothers and introduce yourself to some groovy beats and a fun time.

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