John Rich’s father, Pastor Jim Rich releases THE JOURNAL: an end times thriller that will open your eyes

Biographical Information on Jim Rich and Synopsis of The Journal

I was born in the Texas Panhandle in 1952. My father was a highly decorated WWII soldier and member of the elite O.S.S.F.  He was the greatest human influence on my life, and since he was an avid science fiction reader, he influenced me in that direction and I lived on a steady diet of Sci-Fi all throughout my childhood.

I became a Christian in 1967 after my family moved to Tennessee.  The first book I read in the Bible was The Revelation, and I have avidly studied it and all of the Bible, throughout my life.  My scientific imagination merged with my biblical imagination early on, and I realized that many of the prophecies in the Bible were simply the best descriptions ancient prophets could give of technology they were allowed to see thousands of years ahead of their time.

Throughout the decades, I have strived for detailed accuracy in my understanding of Bible prophecies, studying each Scripture, word by word, in the original languages and comparing Scripture with Scripture to come to the proper conclusions. Many of the discoveries I have made through this rigorous study are portrayed in The Journal.

Most Bible teachers and preachers make sure they “color inside the lines” to maintain the support of their congregations and constituents. I am a true Biblical conservative, but I have never allowed my understanding of the Bible to be boxed in by tradition.

There is more written in the Bible about our day than any other period of history.  We need to be aware of the amazing accuracy of prophecies that have not yet taken place, based upon the accurate descriptions of our modern technology as seen through the eyes of men more than two thousand years ago.

I wrote The Journal over a period of eight years, being careful to make sure every detail was valid and genuinely founded upon the Word of God. The events depicted in this book will challenge the conceptions of many, but they are far too substantial to ignore.

Jim Rich

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