New Hope Oahu Are “Victorious” With Latest Album

Review Date: 11/10/2014
Review By:  Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 9/16/2014
Rating: [usr 7.5]

Founded in 2013 by pastor Wayne Cordeiro New Hope Oahu is the worship band at New Hope Oahu Church in Honolulu Hawaii. As a band their goal is to “present the Gospel to non-Christians and Christians alike with simplicity and excellence,” and it’s safe to say that they managed that with their latest album Victorious.

The first song off the album “We Live” (feat. Geoff Hunker) is a very strong start for the group. The song talks about how because of everything Christ has done for us, we live for Him. “Because you are good, because you are life, because you are faithful, we are yours.” These lyrics really remind listeners of everything God is to us, and how we need to live for Him.

“Hands Held High” is a really fun, spunky song of praise. “Teach us your ways, show us your grace, we will follow where you lead us, oh Lord you are all we need.” These lyrics really put into words the desire of our hearts as Christians to follow God no matter how difficult it may be at times.

The title track of the album “Victorious” is a very strong, passionate, and emotion filled song. It talks about how as followers of Christ we are victorious and nothing can stand in our way with God on our side. The lyrics, “We are victorious, glorious, let the church arise, we are victorious, glorious, bride of Christ we shine,” accurately describe who we are because of our heavenly father.

“Yours Forever” talks about all the things God is to us. “Light in the darkness, the glory of a Savior, peace for restless, hope for the fallen sinner, joy for the broken, your love unbreakable … we are yours forever.” These lyrics really breathe truth into listeners’ souls. When we are in darkness, restless, sinning, broken, and troubled, God is always there to bring us through and turn it around.

“Grace Like Rain” starts off with a really unique techno beat, and jumps into passionate lyrics calling out to God to shower us with His grace. “Let your grace like rain, fall upon us cleanse and save and make us holy yours again.” It’s always so nice to have a song put the things we don’t know how to say into words, and that’s exactly what the lyrics of this song do.

Both “Above All Things” and “Faithful You Are” are songs of praise and thanks to God for being all that we need and more.

The final track of the album is “None Like You” featuring Kale Chang. The song really ends the album well and shows the band’s passion for sharing the gospel. Kale Chang’s powerful vocals really drives the message that there is none like God home.

Overall Victorious is a great showcase of the church’s passion and desire to serve God and share His love with the people around them. This album really does a good job of sharing God’s love, and it will definitely be a long time before people are fast-forwarding through these songs.

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