Danger Scene Release Debut “Brothers” EP

Danger Scene, made up of brothers Michael & Matthew Cunningham, released their debut EP, entitled Brothers, this week on Tuesday. Born with a common goal of making music, impacting lives for the good, and encouraging listeners to follow their dreams, while equally pursuing their own, Danger Scene are set to make a positive impact on the music world. As Matthew passionately puts it, “Music is what we love. It was never a question of whether or not to play music. This is the way God has given us to love on others and be the example we want others to see…so we started this project and with God’s help, we are going to take it to the top.”

Be sure to check out their debut music video for “Where I Want To Be” and the song “You Are The One” below, as well as getting “Plugged In!” to us below so as to not miss our forthcoming review of the EP and interview with them, both coming soon. Also be sure to check out Michael’s in-depth blog entry here to find out more about the EP.

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