Artist: Yolanda Adams
Track: Through The Storm
Album: Through The Storm

Let’s take a look at Mark 4:38-39.

The disciples were caught in the midst of a storm and as it continued to beat the ship and the waves continued to crash, the disciples felt increasingly alone. They felt so alone that they had to ask Jesus if He cared if they drowned… Even though He was right there on the ship with them!
The same happens to us too.

The truth is, the storm will surround you but Jesus is there with you.
The waves will crash and beat against you but His presence will force them back.
The storm will create all kinds of commotion but Jesus’ voice will cease all wind and rain – there will be calm.
He is with you always and He will never leave your side. You might feel alone but He’s right there with you. Right now.
Whatever storm you’re experiencing, I guarantee He’s watching you – He won’t let you drown.

Listen as Yolanda Adams sings:
“While riding through the storm Jesus holds me in His arms,
I am not afraid of the stormy winds and the waves.
Though the tides become high He holds me while I ride,
I find safety in the masters arms while riding through the storm.
I have no fear of the raging seas knowing Jesus is there with me,
He can speak to the wind and to the waves and make them behave.”

You might feel afraid but tell your storm that you are not. Have faith in the strength of the Lord – the strength He has given you.
You might feel alone but Jesus has you in His arms. Release your fear and find comfort in Him.
Jesus will never let you drown. He cares for you and just as He told the storm to be still, so will He command yours to be still.

Have faith and know that whether you’re riding through the storm or you’re on dry land, that the captain of your ship, Jesus, is with you always.

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