Friend Of Mine Is The Latest Single From DeWayne Woods

Review Date: 11/06/2014
Review By: Venetta Shaw
Release Date: 09/30/2014
Rating: [usr 7.5]

Released on 30th September, “Friend of Mine” is a collaboration between award winning gospel artist DeWayne Woods and two of his award winning friends, Anthony Hamilton and Dave Hollister.
A Soul Therapy Music Group release, these three have blended their voices together on DeWayne’s label to create a catchy and uplifting track.

This song gives the listener a lot to be excited about from the first 10 seconds and as you continue to listen, it’s obvious that DeWayne, Anthony and Dave have created something quite spectacular.
Jesus is at the center of this track and all parts work perfectly together to provide the listener with a song of praise that is guaranteed to get you moving.
This truly is a soul therapy anthem and one that is sure to hit home with many.

“Whether come rain or shine – You are a friend of mine.
You stay right by my side – You are a friend of mine.
Through all my ups and downs – You are a friend of mine.
You kept me on solid ground – You are a friend of mine.
Ain’t nothing like a true friend – Oh yeah.
Somebody you can truly depend – Oh yeah.
When everybody walks away – Oh yeah.
I know that You will always stay – Oh yeah.
Lord what made You love me so? – You are a friend of mine.
I don’t think I’ll ever know – You are a friend of mine.
It’s like nothing I’ve felt before – You are a friend of mine.
And You make life worth living for – You are a friend of mine.”

I know that many of you will be able to witness to this song and with its all round, nice sound, I think you might agree that it’s a song you could happily listen to over and over again.

If you consider Jesus to be a friend of yours, then “Friend Of Mine” is certainly worth a listen. It will also be released on DeWayne Woods’ 2015 album Life Lessons.

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