Desperation Band Gives God Their “Banner” Of Praise With New Album

Review Date: 11/05/2014
Review By:  Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 9/28/2014
Rating: [usr 8]

Desperation Band (often called D-Band) is a youth worship band based out of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded and led by worship pastor Jon Egan in 2001 “D-Band” has released 9 albums including their latest Banner.

The album gets off to a strong start with “Future” (Feat. Jon Egan). This upbeat pop tune fills listeners with a strong passion and desire to follow Christ. “You are alive in us, you are the future we’re running to.” These lyrics encourage and inspire listeners to run to Christ, and remember that He is the future and that in the end nothing else will matter. The live element of the song really captures the passion the band feels for sharing this message with today’s youth.

“Banner” (Feat. Jonathan Moos) is the album’s title track. “We wave our banner, strong and mighty, he will not falter, God our banner.” These lyrics really convey the message that God is our banner. He is strong, mighty; He will never fail or falter. He is always there for us. It really hits home with listeners that God is our banner of protection and that will never change.

“On The Throne” (Feat. Kari Jobe) is a very soul filled worship song with Kari Jobe’s powerful vocals filling the song with passion and depth. Right from the beginning of the song the energy and passion can be felt. The song talks about how throughout our lives we will have to walk through difficult situations, but because God is with us those situations will not beat us. “I will walk through the fire, walk through the darkest night, I will walk through the flood, I won’t be overcome, I won’t be overcome.”

“Make A Way” (Feat. Jon Egan) has a beautifully simple piano introduction that carries throughout the song that really adds beauty and simplicity to the song.
Where there is no way, make a way, when no one else can reach us, you find us.” The song really talks about how in situations where all seems lost and hopeless, God will make a way for us and fix it in ways we could have never dreamed were possible.

We Are Yours (Feat. Nico Perez) is a simple song of praise is a beautiful cry out to Jesus saying “More of your presence, less of our pride.” This song really captures the desire of our hearts as Christians asking for more of Jesus, for God to take away our pride, and to fill us up with his presence. Everyone needs to hear this song to be filled with the encouragement it brings.

“Break Open,” “Fall Into You,” and “Fun” are three powerful, passionate, and insightful songs led by worship pastor Jon Egan. All three songs really capture his passion and joy for worshipping God with others.

“Closer To Your Heart” (Feat. Bri Giles) is also a cry to Jesus, a cry out to align with him. The high energy and passion throughout the song really captures the band’s desire to align closer to our loving God, and for others to do the same. “All I want is to know you Jesus, drawing closer to your heart, all my life I surrender to you.”

“No One Else” (Feat. Gina Milne & Nico Perez) is a beautifully calm and reflective song of thanks to God for all He can and He will do for us. “No one else pulls life from the wreckage, no one else lifts me from under the waves, my God you’ve broken my fall.” These lyrics really capture our thanks for all the things He has done for us. They resonate with the truth that God does things that no one else can do.

“With All My Heart” (Feat. Jonathan Moos) features the worshipful lyrics “With all my heart, with all I am I will praise you God, I will praise you God.” This song is a beautiful promise to God to praise Him forever and always. The passion filled, yet calm, melodies really instill a reflective mood to the song that allows listeners to reflect while listening and align their hearts with God.

“Multiply” (Feat. Gina Milne) is a call out to God to take everything we have and multiply it for His glory. “Take my life, multiply it all I am for your glory God.” Listeners will resonate with this energy filled tune as the song beautifully words our desire as Christians to have God use our lives for his glory.

Overall Banner is a timeless worship album filled with passion and energy for praising God, and is full of worship songs that will soon be heard throughout churches around the world.

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