Few people have been through what Gospel artist Sharetta-Nicole has and have lived to tell the story.  Watching one parent die in front of her and having another kidnapped and murdered were just two of the enormously traumatic events that are part of Sharetta-Nicole’s story. A fire, abuse and other catastrophic events followed and all of it before she was 15 years old.  Through it all, she found the Lord.  The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) will be recounting her powerful testimony on The 700 Club on ABC Family on Monday, November 3rd.  Look for the program to broadcast at 8:30AM ET and 9:00AM ET, but check local listings for air times.  The segment can also be viewed online through the live webcast and video on demand at www.cbn.com.

The challenges left Sharetta-Nicole feeling hopeless.  She says, “I felt like I had lost everything.  I felt completely alone. I was hurting continuously and in my darkest hour, I contemplated and even attempted suicide. In spite of it all, God brought Christian people into my life who brought me hope.  I found Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, when I was 15 and have been serving him ever since.”

In spite of the trials she experienced, music has always been a safe place, a source of inspiration.  She’s a gifted vocalist, songwriter and guitarist and was introduced to the Gospel music industry with her debut release, Level One: Jeremiah 29:11.  After getting her feet wet in the industry with the critically-acclaimed album, she began working on her sophomore release.  The first song from the upcoming project was the catchy and rhythmic track, “B.O.S.S. (Better Off Saving Souls)”.  Another track from the forthcoming project is the stunning worship anthem, “Holy”.  The as-yet-untitled new CD is scheduled to drop in 2015.

Sharetta-Nicole has been recognized for her vocal and musical talents with an Urban Inspiration Award and nominations for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and the Rhythm of Gospel Award.  She’s been blessed to open up for Canton Jones, Rance Allen, Earnest Pugh and Martha Munizzi.  In September 2014, Sharetta-Nicole was featured on the cover of Single! Magazine.  For more information about Sharetta-Nicole, log on to www.sharettanicole.com.  Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Story Source: Tehilla Enterprises

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