Artist: James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir
Track: God Is
Album: It’s A New Day

God is my protection… God is my guide and direction… God is my joy in time of sorrow… God is my today and tomorrow, God is my all in all.
God is the joy and the strength of my life, He moves all pain, misery and strife.
He promised to keep me, never to leave me; He’s never ever come short of His word.
I’ve got to fast and pray, stay in His narrow way, I’ve got to keep my life clean everyday.
I want to go with Him when He comes back, I’ve come too far and I’ll never turn back… God is my all in all.

This classic, reflective song speaks to you no matter the season and this particular version by James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir is truly spirit filled.
As you listen, know that if the Lord has promised to keep you then He will. Know that if He has never come short of His word before then He won’t start now – He will continue to keep it.
God is with you in all things; He is with you as an awesome mighty one (Jeremiah 20:11, WEB). He is your light and your salvation (Psalm 27:1) and, if you are heavy laden then He will give you rest if you’ll come to Him (Matthew 11:28).

May you continue on in His narrow way and move towards where He wants you to be because, He has, after all, promised to keep you and never leave you. He is, as the song says, your today and tomorrow. And God is, as this song declares, the joy and strength of your life.
May you be blessed.

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