Remix Corner: Neon Feather vs. LZ7 And Matt Redman

Review Date: 10/08/2014
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 10/03/2014
Rating: [usr 9]

Over the past few years, electronic music has reached a high level of acceptance as a popular genre in its own right, as well as influencing other musical styles. Due to the increasing amount of artists who lend their tracks to DJs, I’m excited to bring you Remix Corner, where I will be highlighting remix singles, remix EPs, and the ever so frequent deluxe edition albums that carry a few remixes. Up first: Neon Feather vs. LZ7 and Matt Redman.

Back in 2012, worship songwriter Matt Redman teamed up with the electro, hip-hop fusion group LZ7 to release “Twenty Seven Million” to raise awareness about human trafficking. Recently, remixer Neon Feather took the song and added a few elements to make the already-great track even greater.

The track begins with dynamic synths and a powerful rap-verse, then into the chorus the synths take a brief pause, but you begin to hear the momentum building and you can anticipate what’s coming – the drop of that four-on-the-floor electro-heartbeat. Compared to the original recording of this song, Neon Feather does not change the basic blueprint: keep it soft on the verses and then go high-energy on the chorus. What the remixer does do here is insert the track with stirring synths and arousing bass-rhythms to elevate the song into an even higher level of voltage. Once the bass-drum hits, the momentum never stops.

The video that accompanies the remix is a PSA promoting awareness about the evils of human trafficking, and that “we don’t need luck to stop injustice, we need YOU.” It highlights two organizations that are dedicated to fighting the war on slavery, the END IT Movement and The A21 Campaign. It also features a moving montage of photos that showcase a representation of the women and girls that suffer the brunt of slavery. My favorite part of the video, and timed so wonderfully with the bass drop, is the image of a glass pane shattering. Let’s work together to shatter the chains of slavery and take hope to the 27 million.

Normally, I would end this article with a couple of links on where to get a copy of this stellar remix for yourself, but interestingly enough, this remix hasn’t been released as an official single, at least not yet anyway (I will update this post if that happens). LZ7 are currently working on their next album, the follow up to last year’s Aftershow, and we’re told that it’s looking, and sounding, like a complete banger so far, so stay “Plugged In!” to us (links below) to stay up to date with the latest updates. I am also hoping that LZ7 might have something else in the works for the near future, maybe a remix EP?!? Let’s sure hope so!

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