New Jersey resident Righteouz Knight is the epitome of a “backpack” rapper.  Independent, old school and in your face, RK is a multi-talented artist with his hands in graphic design, production, mixing and, of course, performing.  Abstrakt Theory was released on August 5th to much fanfare, and continues to spawn videos, reviews and other forms of acclaim.  God centered, well educated about the industry and unapologetic about his view of it, Righteouz Knight graciously made himself available to discuss the creation of the very well received Abstrakt Theory. Jesuswired’s review of Abstrakt Theory can be viewed here.

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Christopher Johnson is a contributor for He is a spicy food enthusiast, sampling the world’s hottest peppers during the morning radio show of a Christian Radio station in the Birmingham, AL area where he resides. He is a former Marine and works with two local Police Departments as a Reserve Officer while he pursues full time opportunities in that field. While he enjoys listening to virtually all genres of music, he is most passionate about hip hop and counts Sev Statik, Rkitect, Righteouz Knight and Freestyle Fam as his favorites.

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