Soulful Singer Jolanda Green Releases New Single “Just You”

A much needed, comforting, sultry voice warmly rises and penetrates through the futilely thick atmosphere of noise that sometimes chaotically distracts our purpose driven lives.  The voice anointed for this calling is the voice of JOLANDA GREEN.  Her voice is sonically aesthetic and bathes ones soul in love.   The Birmingham, AL native ministers songs with the joy of a true worshipper and encourages audiences to embrace the liberty that has been freely given to them by a life in Jesus Christ.

As a songwriter, Jolanda’s yearning is to ‘write the songs that make the whole world sing’.  Her songs flow out of a deep love and passion for the Lord.  “There is nothing like good music.  It can lift you, enlightened you, touch you, and take you on an evolution” she affirms.

Jolanda is a rising talent in Gospel music but is far from new to performing and collaborating with noted music veterans.  Jolanda has appeared on best-selling recordings including: MIGHTY LONG WAY by Joe Pace and GOSPEL GOES CLASSICAL featuring Juanita Bynum and Jonathan Butler.

In 2011 Jolanda released her debut gospel album SACRED SARENADE and then received the 2013 Alabama People’s Choice Award for Female Vocalist of the Year.  Jolanda is now working on a new album which will be released in 2015 on her independent label Sonra’ Records and Central South Distribution and has a new management team – Jemison & Associates.    “I’m so excited to be managing Jolanda. We welcome her to our family of artists,” says Roderick Jemison, CEO of Jemison & Associates.  “Jolanda’s professionalism and integrity will open many doors for her, and her ministry will be a blessing to the body of Christ.”

The first single from the forthcoming album, “Just You”, was penned and arranged by Jolanda and holds special meaning to the psalmist. “This song is one of the most impactful tracks of my life,” Jolanda explains. ‘Just You’ declares that everything that I need and desire is found in God and Him alone.  I have found myself in the position of seeking to please men, and desiring to be accepted or affirmed by them,” she continues.  “All of those efforts have always turned up empty or short.  While men may try their best to fulfill that demand, to no fault of their own, they never have measured up and never will.  So I am grateful for the maturity, and revelation that my wholeness is in Christ and Christ alone.”

“Just You” is available on iTunes and is impacting Gospel Radio around the country.  Through her music, Jolanda desires to be an instrument of God’s anointing who ministers healing, deliverance, and encourages wholeness of spirit, soul and body.  To accomplish this, Jolanda strives to be obedient to the gifting of God, to offer Him what is acceptable and pleasing, and to be authentically salt and light to her community and to the body of Christ.  She hopes that all who hear “Just You” and experience her music ministry will be elevated and impressed to develop a deeper level of intimacy with God.


Story Source: The Bellamy Group

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