Twelve24 Turn The Page On Suicide With Moving New Song

Twelve24 Turn The Page On Suicide With Moving New Song

As we shared on Facebook on the day of its release, on September 18th TWELVE24 wrote, recorded, & mixed/mastered one of the most moving songs we’ve heard in a while. You can listen to it below, where you can also read the story behind the song…

“Today we spent the whole day in the studio; writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering this song. We wrote this in memory of a special girl called Lizzie Lowe from Parrswood High School, a school that we visited in 2013. Lizzie committed suicide. It deeply grieved us that this happened and our prayers are with her family and friends. We wrote this song in her memory in the hope that anyone who is going through similar stuff and thinking of giving up on life would know that God wants to bring freedom and love to them. Like Reggie Dabbs said our hope is that that you would turn the page and start a new chapter of life. This will eventually feature on our new album…as we just did it today its a rough mix but we wanted you to hear it!”


A final quick note from me: This is a subject close to my heart and boy did this song hit me the first evening I heard it. If you suffer from suicidal thoughts/depression etc then please reach out to someone ASAP. I’m here as well if you want to talk to someone who’s gone through it all (you can message me here: You are NOT alone and your life DOES have a purpose! God loves YOU!

Please share this song as far and wide as you can, you never know, this song could just save someone’s life. #bethechange

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Download Tell The Truth for free here.

Download Tell The Truth Remix EP for free here.

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