Artist: Michael Edmonds
Song/Video: Working It Out
Album: Working It Out (Single)


“Working It Out” Single Details & Song Meaning (from artist)

The inspiration for “Working It Out” actually came from a place of me doubting God because of how things were looking in my life. As I was driving back home late one night from the studio I put the track into the CD player and just started writing as if I was looking into a mirror encouraging myself. That no matter what it looks or feels like, God loves me and He is working it out for my good.

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“Working It Out” was released as a single June 18th and can be bought on iTunes here. Connect with the artist with the links at the bottom to stay up to date with his latest releases.

Michael Edmonds Bio (from artist)

Singer/Songwriter Michael Edmonds, a Queens, NY native, has been ministering to the heart of people for over 12 years. His gift has touched the lives of people from all walks of life. From an early age, Michael had to overcome insufferable odds with both of his parents suffering from severe drug addictions. Things took a turn for the worse when his mother was diagnosed with the AIDS virus, dying at the age of 28. After watching his mother succumb to this terrible disease, Michael moved to South Carolina with his grandparents. In spite of this experience, Michael refused to become a victim of his circumstances and used his love for music to escape his environment.

As a teenager, Michael had an opportunity to pursue a career in the secular music industry. After spending his high school senior year in NYC, socializing with the industries elite, Michael heard the Holy Spirit calling him into the ministry of worship. Feeling torn between the new relationships he built, along with the prospect of immense fame and wealth, at a young age, Michael had to make one of the biggest decisions of his life. Through an incredible act of faith, Michael bravely returned to South Carolina with a strong conviction and purpose in his heart.

Since beginning his career and ministry as a Gospel artist Michael has graced the legendary Apollo Theater stage, released a Top 5 radio single entitled “Overcome The World” on Charleston’s WJNI 106.3, and has been on countless local TV shows and radio interviews. Michael’s vision is this: Drawing the lost to a forgiving God by exalting the name of Jesus and being a reflection of His love. With his new EP entitled “Get It Back” on the rise, Michael is relentless in letting his voice be heard. “The time for holding back is over” says Michael. With a heart of compassion, love, and determination Michael desires to be a light to a dying world. Michael is a member of New Life Christian Fellowship and serves under the powerful leadership of Dr. Dexter and Lady Leisa Easley of Goose Creek SC, and is supported by his wife Krissy and daughter Heavenly.

You can buy “Working It Out” on iTunes here.

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