Salt Of The Sound Delight Listeners with “Through the Mist” EP

Review Date: 9/26/2014
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 09/16/2014
Rating: [usr 8.5]

The ethereal sounds of Salt of The Sound’s debut album Journeys garnered them great success with airplay on the BBC and a 5/5 rating from CMAddict. Now the Stockholm based duo, consisting of husband and wife Ben and Anita Tatlow, return with the release of their EP Through The Mist. Featuring the single, “It Must Be Hope,” the six tracks boast the same evocative and sweet tones we’ve come to expect from the couple.

“Where Do I Begin” is an unassuming start to the EP, paving the way for the simple yet elegant tones to follow. This song acts as an introduction, alternating between the Celtic and piano based instrumental and Anita’s breath taking vocals.  Stepping into “Make Me Wait,” the duo meshes the classical sounds of strings with synth and use echoing of the vocals to create a contemporary tone to the track. In many ways, Anita’s lead vocals and the additional harmonies of Ben come together as a single instrument. Their ability to deliver their vocals in such a way that it acts as an equal accompaniment to the music is what makes the band unique. With lyrics mirroring the spiritual journey many of us go through, they say, “Make me wait so I may come to see you ,” this is a standout track on the EP.

“Even The Wind and The Waves Obey Him,” continues to create an atmosphere of worship. The lyrics and the lightness of the music communicate the might and power of God. Together they ascertain a reverence often overlooked in our everyday lives. The Dawn mix of the lead single “It Must Be Hope” is a pleasing and subtle addition to the EP. The added synth adds an urgency and intensity to the beautiful and sensitive song.

Following with “As the Mist Clears,” the use of keys creates an effervescent and thriving landscape. Much like how an artist uses a paintbrush to purposely create a larger picture, every element of this track works to create an intimate moment between God and the listener. Closing with “I’ll Meet You Where You Are/Home To You,” the duo invite us into a pivotal moment in their spiritual journey. Talking about the moments we struggle in life, the addition of a back beat layered with the ethereal instrumentation adds a new dimension to the EP. A song about faith and the assurance we have in Christ, the contemporary flavors of this track display the band’s ability to explore new territory that we can hope to see more of in the future.

A beautiful and engaging EP, Salt of the Sound’s Through The Mist is an artwork which invites you into the presence of God. You can get your copy now. Also, prior to the EP’s release we exclusively premiered “Make Me Wait,” which can still be heard here.

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