Eleventyseven Answer The Burning Question, Is It Over?

Eleventyseven have at long last officially answered the question that’s been asked of them a lot as of late…is it over? The official statement, made through their Facebook page, can be read in full below…



Eleventyseven. Is It Over?

Dear Eleventyfriends and family,

Over the past few months (and maybe 2 years) I’ve gotten an email about once a day asking what was happening with the trio of misfit-techno-rocker-monkeys known as Eleventyseven. My typical way of responding to these inquiries is usually a simple diversion tactic including a generic/cryptic phrase of some sort that can be taken many different ways and none of them helpful or informative. So here is my best attempt at being serious and trying to fit in all the juicy deets i can. This is too little too late, but here it is nonetheless.

Eleventy has been one of the coolest and undeserved opportunities I’ve ever had. It’s how I met my wife, how i learned about the world, addiction, love, suffering, grace, humanity, faith, failure, success, and coupons. Jon and I started it back in high school in 2002 and I could fill books with all of our adventures we’ve had since that first band practice. We’ve been through arctic-chilled tours, disease ridden festivals, maniacal managers, hyper-confusing labels and lots of Taco Bell drive-thrus. Most importantly, we got to make music for our friends on the road. We got to sing songs into over-priced microphones. We made new eleventyfamily members all over the world, and got to spend time with some of the most giving, loving, and incredible people on earth. It has truly been an honor to be a part of so many people’s lives and ipods. Maybe we will tell all about that sometime. We got to see the darkest sides of Christianity and the most hopeful. We made terrible mistakes, and also forged friendships with each other that are stronger than we ever thought possible.

For now, it is time to officially close that chapter of our lives. We’re starting families now, and seeing where life will take us next. Yeah, theres a little bit of drama involved, but nothing that would make great tv. I’m teaching at a college and doing The Jellyrox. It’s synthy, terrible and fun. Davey has started a new and awesome band called The Revelry and is a dad now with cat allergies. Jon is a scientist at NASA, exploring deep space and new combinations of hot pockets. We love each other and still get together at Christmas and by accident.There’s not enough room on the internet for all the thanks that we have for people that fed us, taught us about life, gave us second, third and fourth chances, took out insurance policies just to bring us in for a show, and let us sleep on their couches. We’re better people because of you.

We don’t know what the future will hold, but we know it will hold it firmly…as it always does. We’re sitting on a small smattering of unreleased material, which we’ll possibly be releasing soon or never. Maybe we’ll give the long version of this whole story one day. It sucks and is awesome too:-) Who knows?…perhaps one day we’ll have a chance to do it all again, but for now, we must put this rock and roll sword back into the poorly guarded and substandard stone from whence it came. We can’t thank you guys enough for spending your hard-earned money on our music (which is still a really cool thing to do), coming to see us at shows, covering our songs, washing our clothes, stealing our stuff, praying for us, waiting for us grow up, driving crazy hours for a show, and most importantly…pretending like no one farted (when it clearly was Jon).

All the Best,

Matt & Eleventy.

You can send the band your best regards etc on the original post here.

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