Lexi Elisha Makes Her Mark With Her ‘Rope’ EP

Review Date: 09/10/2014
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 8/5/2014
Rating: [usr 8.5]

21 year-old Lexi Elisha is a fresh face in the Christian music scene. The singer/songwriter from Northwest Indiana has taken strides forward with the success of  her Eventully EP last year, and now presents her new EP Rope. With elements of country mixed with pop and synth, Rope sets Lexi apart as an artist determined to leave her own distinctive mark on the world.

The acoustic driven “Lucky Girl” will immediately draw you into her unique and distinctive voice. The pop sensibilities of this song are reminiscent of the early days of Demi Lovato,  highlighting the control and quality of her voice. There is an elegance and purity within the opening track that will endear you; and Lexi establishes her belief in something bigger than herself when she says,  “Fortune, favor, make me a lucky girl.”

“Trailside Road” continues this theme of a higher purpose, and there is a maturity about Lexi which transcends into the bold delivery of her lyrics. “Young and Beautiful” is the most distinctive pop track on the EP. Mixing synth with a pop melody, there is a pleasant country twang to her voice. With a determination to go against the grain of the world, Lexi will become a role model for many young girls through her commitment to integrity and true beauty which is highlighted in this song.

“Rope” is an incredible testament to the depth of Lexi’s voice. The pain communicated as she sings, “Love will make you blind, deaf and dumb,” belies her years. This song is distinctive due to the melancholy instrumentation. The use of a tambourine and later strings make it unique and bring out the best of her vocals. A song of heartbreak and loss, the title track is exquisite.

A bold stance against the sexualization and objectification of females, “Weaker Mind” is an assertion of Lexi’s integrity. Electric guitar and later the choice to sing aCapella, lift this song. The provocative lyrics will embolden many listeners, and amidst a range of ‘girl power’ songs, “Weaker Mind” stands out because Lexi links the objectification of our bodies with our spiritual well-being. Ending with “White Fence,” Lexi tells the story of a broken relationship. Honest and compelling, there is vocal richness similar in quality to Lorde which will draw you in.

Lexi Elisha is not an ordinary pop star, and in her sophomore EP Rope, she showcases a talent and conviction which the music industry is craving. Fans of the singer/songwriter genre will gravitate towards her honesty; country music fans her storytelling, and many others her pop sensibilities. To hear Lexi Elisha is to hear a message of hope and strength. You can download Lexi Elisha’s Rope EP for free on Noise Trade now.

You can download her Rope EP for free on Noisetrade.

You can purchase her Eventually EP on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to our editor’s recent interview with Lexi about the new EP here.

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