Project86 - Knives To The Future Album Review

Project 86 Return With Their Knives To The Future

Long-time Christian hard rock juggernauts Project 86 are back, with a brand new album on the horizon. The record, entitled Knives To The Future, is the band’s ninth full-length effort, and is set to release on November 4. Like their previous offering, Wait for the Siren, this new album was also crowd-sourced by the dedicated legion of fans, known affectionately as Team Black. After another recent shift in personnel, the newest lineup to support founder and frontman Andrew Schwab consists of The Overseer guitarist Darren King, The Wedding bassist Cody Driggers, and 7 Horns 7 Eyes drummer Ryan Wood. These all-star musicians have proved themselves in each of their respective projects, which likely only made the recording process that much more beneficial in the studio. Between Schwab’s confidence that his latest project will be a special landmark and the excitement from the ever-devoted Team Black, the anticipation for Knives To The Future is at an all-time high. The fifteen tracks on Project 86’s forthcoming release give it the most since 2002’s Truthless Heroes, another landmark for the Orange County natives. The lead single is the quirky but solid “Spirit of Shiloh,” and it is also the first song on the album. Take a listen to “Spirit of Shiloh,” and view the lengthy tracklisting and phenomenal cover artwork, designed by Dan Mumford, also below.

1. Spirit of Shiloh
2. Acolyte March
3. Knives to the Future
4. Son of Flame
5. Captive Bolt Pistol
6. Ambigram
7. Genosha
8. Pale Rider
9. Valley of Cannons
10. White Capstone
11. Oculus
12. Nocturnal Gaze
13. Firefly Without a Night
14. Transposeur
15. In Trenches

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Project86 - Knives To The Future Album Review
Project86 – Knives To The Future Album Review