Tenth Avenue North Announces New Album “Cathedrals”

Tenth Avenue North recently announced the release of their new album Cathedrals via this YouTube announcement. This is exciting news following the release on July 10th of their EP Islands which included four tracks – “No Man Is An Island,” “For Those Who Can’t Speak,” “Forgive Me,” and “Just Getting By.” The band has been together for fourteen years and said in the video:

After fourteen years of being in a band, fourteen years of writing songs, one thing we know; Songs are meant to be sung. and Songs can light fires. Songs can give hope. Songs tell a story. The story we’ve been telling with our songs starts with Over and Underneath. Christ is Over and Underneath us, Higher than the heights of our purity, lower than the depths of our depravity. He is above us He went below us bringing down the proud, lifting up the broken and when you get that in you it doesn’t just make you a good person first, it makes you an honest person.”
They finished it off by saying: “We can admit that forgiveness feels like “Losing,” we feel “Worn,” we need redemption, but hallelujah we’re not struggling to be free. Hallelujah we don’t have to struggle alone. Philippians 1:30 says we are in this struggle together.

John Dunn said it this way, “No Man is an Island.” None of us are meant to carry our burdens alone. So as our song story continues we’re hoping to remind you that you can get off your islands of isolation. Our prayer is that this next group of songs might help lift the shame that’s led you there, that it might break the chains that have kept you there, and that you’re able to get in the boat of community and sail by the Stars of God’s promises until you reach the shore, for we are His Cathedrals.”

Their album is set to be released November 10th of this year. It will surely be a great work of art, as every album they create is. Our team is sitting on the edge of our seats for this one!

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