Everyone loves music, or at least everyone I have met, although the preferences may differ. Music happens to have a soothing therapeutic effect especially when fatigued, agitated or moody. I would call music a wonderful amazing gift to mankind. Imagine a world with no music. How awfully unimaginable it is, right? (Shock face).

But I dare say there is music, and there is music. Every music lover would tell you the different sentiments each genre brings out. World music mostly excites the body and makes us forget what may be bothering us for the time being but just as it begins to fade, the troubles start to resurface back into the mind.

But anyone who listens to Christian/gospel/religious music will have a totally different perspective on the effect that the music brings. It does more than keep the body upbeat; it nourishes the soul and keeps the spirit alive. Every song has its own aura. There are some songs which activate the mind to think of bodily pleasures, heartbreak or even revenge. But Christian music fills the atmosphere with the spirit of God which comes with peace, joy and renewed and strengthened faith in the God you have believed in.

That is why someone can listen to Christian music and can experience a miraculous healing in one’s body; because our God is a Healer so when you call Him in, He will come with everything He has got. How could the God of peace come visit you and you would feel depression and despair afterwards? Whenever He comes around, He leaves behind His peace-the kind that surpasses all understanding and reason. You might have the greatest burden on earth but you would feel that burden lift off your shoulders after you have encountered Him.

Think about it: how come people go to nightclubs and wild parties and dance to the latest music and come back home and still feel terrible about their lives? Why couldn’t their best tunes help them feel better about themselves? Because there is no power behind that music. It just makes the body jump up and down in ecstasy but it leaves you the same way you were before the music started.

So how is your playlist benefiting you? Does it excite you temporarily or does it leave a significant lasting effect?


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