Traveling the world and sharing the gospel through captivating illusions and stunts, Brock and Auny Gill have encountered a life of adventure no one could predict. First-time author Auny Gill tells the compelling story in Thrill Ride: A Million Miles. 2000 Shows. One Miraculous God. releasing independently Oct. 1 through, and with pre-orders available now at A part of the proceeds from the book will benefit the non-profit ministry, Caliber Outreach.

Through life-threatening situations, extreme answers to prayer, and all the magic that comes with living on the road, this autobiography reads like a work of fiction. Imbedded in the extraordinary events are confrontations with witches, Columbine-like terrorists and drug dealers, as well as stories of angels, national TV appearances and the overwhelming joy of seeing thousands accept Jesus as Savior for the first time.

Brock Gill and his wife Auny are two of the most gifted and hardest working evangelists in show business,” says Kevin Palau, President, Luis Palau Association. “Brock is well known as one of the world’s great illusionists who uses his entertainment talents to tell people about the grace of God. In the inspiring story, Thrill Ride, Auny describes life on the road and how their faith in God sustains them through the challenges of using illusion and mind-blowing, daring escapes to bring a message of hope to their skeptical audiences.”

I’ve seen firsthand how amazing Brock Gill’s ministry is, and Thrill Ride is one of those rare ‘edge of your seat,’ hard to believe this is real life’ reads that is both captivating and inspiring,” adds Rod Riley, President and CEO, Word Entertainment“It reads like a well-crafted novel from beginning to end.”

“Thrill Ride literally lives up to its name!” exclaims Frank Shelton, Evangelism Chairman 2012 and 2016 Olympics Outreach and Fox News Contributor. “Chapters read like paragraphs because their experiences not only keep you on edge of your seat, but also focus on the heart of God…This is a must read for all willing to graduate from mediocrity to ministry, and, outside the Bible, this is a great resource…like an amusement park, Thrill Ride is filled with highs and lows, but God’s grace eventually lead us safely Home. Buy one for yourself and TEN to give away! This book is a game changer for sure and I recommend it whole-heartedly.”

“Thrill Ride is aptly named as it takes the reader on an adventurous journey of what life can be when lived in Christ,” says Leighton Flowers, Texas Baptist Youth Evangelism Director.  “Living life in pursuit of God’s purposes is always a thrill and Auny captures this truth beautifully.  This captive story of God’s faithful providence will leave you inspired and challenged to seek your own adventures in pursuit of Him.”

Reading Thrill Ride is a nail-biting experience, while simultaneously like sitting down to coffee with a good friend, and finally hearing her incredible life story filled with God’s power, protection and provision. Through the thrilling ride, Auny illustrates the strong thread of hope that sustains them. A journey in faith with love at the core, the Gills’ story is meant to enthrall, encourage and inspire readers.

Readers who purchase the book will also be helping to provide mission trips through proceeds from it for Brock and Auny’s non-profit, Caliber Outreach.  The organization coordinates mission trips to locations internationally, ministering to people on the margins in society in Egypt, Nicaragua and other locations internationally.

“We are seeking to share the message of the gospel to people that have never heard it before, and are seeing people give their lives to Christ,” says Brock.  “Recently assembling a team of speakers, pastors, performance artists (illusionist, juggler, escape artist, etc), and traveling to Nicaragua, we delivered a horse to an orphanage for children with special needs, ministered to the people that live in the city dump and shared the gospel to prisoners in jail.” 

A series of compelling video documentaris frome Caliber Outreach’s mission trip to Nicaragua, as well as a special invitation to join Brock, Auny and other Caliber Outreach volunteers, can be seen at this link.  For more information on how to get involved, email


Story Source: Hoganson Media

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