SOMETHINGPOSITIVE Bring A Message Of Hope In EP “We’ve Come So Far”

Review Date: 09/05/2014
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 9/06/2014
Rating: [usr 8]

Alternative outfit SOMETHINGPOSITIVE formed coincidentally. Based in Jackson MS, their love of jamming lead to the birth of the band in 2009. Seeking to share a message “greater than themselves,” the five piece give fans a taste of their diverse talent with the release of their EP We’ve Come So Far.

Opening with the title track, “We’ve Come So Far” is mixed by Scotty Wilbanks of Third Day. The pinnacle of the EP, this is a driving rock track that will put SOMETHINGPOSITIVE on the map. Lead singer Roddy Merrit’s vocals soar as they celebrate what we have overcome and the great things ahead of us.  Uplifting and very catchy, this is a cool track that marks the boys as a band to watch.

Following with the heavier, “New Day,” we are shown a different side of the band. Moodier and with a heavy electric guitar, this track loses all the pop sensibilities embraced in the opener. Showing off the band’s ability to transcend genres and reach into a less commercial and more alternative market, this song still carries a message of purpose. Saying, “No, we’re not the same, this is a new day,”  there is a conviction in the band’s message that shows their determination to give people hope.

Finishing off the EP with the acoustic based, “Just A Ride,” a light is shone on another element of the band. With a storytelling quality, there is a slight country sound to this tune. This is lifted by a trademark electric guitar rift towards the end of the song.

SOMETHINGPOSITIVE exist to bring a message greater than their circumstances, and in this vibrant EP, the boys highlight their musical adaptability. With well-rounded musicianship and lead vocals that speak to your heart, We’ve Come So Far is an indicator of greater things to come. We’ve Come So Far is out September 6 and you can hear it now.

Listen to We’ve Come So Far here:

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