Everyone’s starting school at this time of year. I know that most people don’t exactly look forward to doing work at school and then coming home to, well, home-work. To most, it’s kind of a bummer to be back at school. I know how that can be!

Since most of you are probably already tired of reading, I’ll make this short. I just wanted to remind you guys to keep an eye out for ways you can show love to people in your schools. The cliché, obvious ways – picking up someone’s stuff for them when they drop it, etc.

But you could also pay for someone’s lunch. Pray for those who hurt you. Be mindful of how you’re speaking to people – even on those horrible days. It all matters.

The other day, I ran into someone I used to go to school with. This person was/is always teased and bullied. I tried very hard to go out of my way to be nice to this person, and when I saw him just recently he was genuinely comfortable with talking to me – excited to run into me, even – in over a year. I was interested in what he was going through. He found that special.

It’s the little stuff that matters. The small things do make a difference. So, this year when you see something going wrong, do your best to fix it. People really do notice! I know I used a small example, but it was a big deal to me. It’s super cool to be recognized by the underdogs. Cooler than it ever will be to be recognized by the jocks. I promise!


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