Young Minds Display Maturity Beyond Their Years

If you are the type of person that is extra sensitive to feeling comparatively unaccomplished in life, this may not be the best interview to listen to. Young Minds is a Hip Hop duo with a foundation of faith, not to mention musical talent that far exceeds their time on this earth. The duo is comprised of High School Junior Adrian Stresow and High School Freshman Levi Hinson.

Cartoon Astronauts is their debut album which was just released in August. The album is a no-brainer free download available on Noisetrade (see below for download link). Adrian and Levi both also have solo albums available, and are likewise available on as free to download albums.

The duo made themselves available to us here at to talk about how they met, the ins and outs of self creation/production and sharing their faith with others. After watching the video, make sure to connect with the duo via their social networking links and take advantage of their (freely available) music.

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