Artist: Yolanda Adams
Track: Open My Heart
Album: Mountain High… Valley Low

I watched a Christian film this week called What If…?
A man, Ben Walker, made a decision 15 years earlier to follow his dreams.
He followed his dreams to the big city and eventually his dreams surpassed the Lord’s dreams for him. His desires and the Lord’s were no longer one.
After a meeting with an angel who took him to the life he would’ve had if he’d remained in the Lord, Ben saw how very different his life could have been with the Lord’s guidance.
As he lived this life he found it hard to adjust, to surrender, but after a few weeks living this life, he opened up his heart to the Lord as he realized that what he was experiencing was true joy: a life filled with life. Throughout the course of this what if…? moment, Ben started to reconnect with the Lord. The life he was experiencing soon became a reality because he heard the Lord and trusted the path the Lord had for him. Ben trusted that God’s direction and God’s plans; His desires, were ultimately better than any he could have ever desired as a sole man.

As the word in Jeremiah 29:11 tells us, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.
It’s hard sometimes and especially when we live in a world filled with distraction but, let us do our very best to stay connected to the Lord. Let us follow Him and let us be attuned to what He has to say.

If you’re asking yourself ‘what if…?’ then I pray that you will turn to the Lord and allow Him to direct your paths. Say, ‘Lord, open my heart so that I can hear you and so that your desires are my desires. Allow me Lord to open my heart so that Your will be done. Have Your way Lord and direct my paths for Your wisdom oh God is supreme.”

The award winning song “Open My Heart” can be found on both Amazon and iTunes.
May you have a blessed week.

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