Author and popular pastor Adam Stadtmiller wants readers to join him on a radical journey to offer “game-changing” prayers that can re-ignite life, change the world and enhance intimacy with God.  Releasing Praying for Your Elephant: Boldly Approaching Jesus with Radical and Audacious Prayers Oct. 1 from David C Cook, Stadtmiller has written the book to not teach on the subject of prayer, but rather to challenge readers to pray.

The book is for anyone who struggles with prayer and wants to grow in their prayer life.  By chapter two, readers have been invited not only to create a list of 100 game changing prayers, but to join the author on a journey to re-imagine and re-create their life through the power of specific and persistent prayer.

Praying for Your Elephant also seeks to help everyone understand what it means to be a person of prayer.  Written in a conversational style that blends simple, but deeply provocative truth with entertaining and engaging stories and metaphors, Stadtmiller leans on the affirmation in Romans 8:26 that there are no experts in prayer, just faith-filled people willing to boldly approach God in their weakness with radical and audacious prayers.

God did not intend prayer to be a magical art whose deep secrets are guarded by shrouded monks on remote islands.  Nor is prayer solely a mystical experience reserved for the spiritual illuminati. Rather, prayer is the common language of God’s people. Prayer is the Christian’s native tongue,” teaches Stadtmiller in the book. “The key to effective power-filled prayer is simply praying. Taking the time to step out of your normal, frenetic existence to center yourself through prayer is the only way that you will ever move forward in this journey… People who often experience prayer in its deepest ways are people who show up most, seeking God in prayers’ glorious monotony and routine.”

The idea for this new book started with a random prayer. Adam saw an ad where–for a huge fee–an elephant could be brought to a youth outreach event. Almost in jest, Adam and his team prayed that God would make it happen for free. The extravagant way God answered that prayer years later in Thailand left him humbled and hungry to pray even bigger prayers.

While I can’t promise that God will give you these ‘elephants,’ I can say that by praying for elephants you will come to know him in a way you never have while diving deep into the adventure that is the prayer-filled life,” affirms Stadtmiller.

This book is intended to help readers identify their own elephants (prayers), create specific and strategic requests, break through self-imposed boundaries of prayer, partner with God in His answers to prayer and pray for their future.  The end of each chapter includes a short study guide for groups, churches and/or leadership teams, as well as “Prayer Prescriptions” to give readers tools to explore and re-imagine their prayer lives. Bonus content includes a grid to track 100 answers to prayer requests, a 6-week small group resource, discussion questions and a weekly prayer challenge.

To hear Stadtmiller talk about his new book, go to this link, and for more information, visit, and


Story Source: Hoganson Media

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