Everyone who has encountered our Lord Jesus has something awesome to say about Him. From the days of old, He was known as the One who fed over 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes; who turned water into wine; healed the sick and even raised the dead.
Even now, people testify of dramatic encounters with Him which have turned their lives completely around. And there are others who were never really in the world; they were born into, and grew up in Christian homes so they may not have ‘interesting’ stories to tell.

But as ambassadors of Christ on earth, the world is watching us to see if He manifests Himself as it is being proclaimed worldwide in our lives. But for God to portray Himself in us, we have to let Him. We must surrender ourselves to Him like an open book for Him to write His story in our lives. Our personal testimonies are the most powerful messages to the world about who we say our Lord is.
Before He can prove Himself to be what He says He is, we must believe that He is more than able to do just as He has promised.

Are you allowing God to tell the world who He is through you? If not (yet), why not open the book of your life and hand over the pen to Him? He is the best author in the entire universe!

Inspired by “Write Your Story” track by Francesca Battistelli.

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