With an impressive debut album on DREAM Records, titled One Noise, and an amazing first single in “Jump Start My Heart,” DREAM Records took the time to interview the guys in the group recently.  Get to know the guys in Satellites & Sirens…as they continue to lead the charge in their own faith through their musical career.

Q: Who exactly (band members) is in Satellites & Sirens?
Satellites & Sirens is singer Geoff Hunker, Guitar David Troyer and Drums Dave Willey

Q: What inspired you all to form the band back in 2006?
Music has always been a passion for all of us. We grew up playing in bands and on worship teams for our churches and when the possibility to make music and spread hope became a reality we all jumped at the opportunity. Our faith has always been a big part of each one of our lives, so the opportunity to talk about what God has done in us and use our music as a tool to reach many is what has inspired us. It is an amazing thing when God gives you a passion for something and then also gives you an outlet to make that your job. That has been a driving force for all of us in our life.

Q: How did you all get saved and become Christians (testimony)?
We all have very similar stories. We grew up in christian homes and all went to church at a very young age. As you grow up your beliefs move from being what your parents believed and finding truly what it is and means to you. So over the years we have found what having a relationship with God really is and through trials have grown stronger in what it is we believe. It is a constant adventure and things change continually, but you find that God remains the same and see how He has been faithful in the past pushes us to keep moving when the journey is tough.

Q: What inspired you guys to play the type of Christian music that you perform?
We all grew up listening to a lot of different bands, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie as well as the christian mainstays, Audio A, Michael W Smith, DC Talk. I think a mix of all those bands as well as the 80’s help mold what it is we do now. It has been fun trying to take all those things we have loved or looked up to and create one thing that is Satellites & Sirens.

Q: What is each member’s favorite song to play live and why?
Geoff – Black Sheep (Straight out of the 80’s goodness),
Dave Willy – Jump Start My Heart (It just makes him happy),
David Troyer – Jump Start My Heart

Q: Where do you draw your songwriting inspiration from? What is your typical songwriting process?
I think a lot of our songwriting comes from what it is we are currently listening to. I think that with all the bands and artists that we have always loved together helps create the inspiration for the song. Lyrically, things that are currently happening and conversations with people that are taking place at the time usually depict what the song ends up being about. We most of the time build a musical track first before writing medley and lyrics.

Q: Do you think that online/social media presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?
I think now a days you have to have an online presence to have any success. The way technology is allows anything you want at your finger tips, and people are constantly searching for new things. So I think it is important to have new content consistently to gain and maintain fanbase.

Q: Ok, now for the not so band related questions. Is there any shameless nerdy things you do that no one or maybe everyone knows about?
Dave Willy and Geoff have been super into the game “Injustice” we find ourselves very often talking and looking up DC characters and making plans for what new Challenge was going to be coming, and we have been constantly playing that game for like a year now! ha!! We also dig the game “Uncharted” wish we had a PS3 to play all of those games in the van! We all like movies and TV show so there is more often then not a TV show being watched on our drives and as often as we can we find cheap theaters to see movies at.

Q: Anything you would like share, from new merchandise to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?
We release “One Noise” back in March and you can find it on itunes or any christian bookstore, check out the song “Keep Running” it will fit perfect with most gaming situations!

For more information about Satellites & Sirens visit their website at www.satellitesandsirens.com

Check out their own version they did of “Jump Start My Heart” acoustic:

If you hadn’t had a chance to see the lyric video for the song here you go:

Story Source: DREAM Records

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Nashville, TN based, Satellites & Sirens are nowhere near to slowing down. In March 2014, they released a new album titled “One Noise”, a testament to their passion for innovation, love for God and worship. Their latest release perfectly blends their synth, rock, and pop influences into a 12 song album sure to please current fans and brand new fans alike.

DREAM was founded in 2008 to provide artists with a genuine approach to how real artist development should be done. By allowing for a partnership as a business model, Dream’s artists empower themselves to develop and carry out a real vision for their lives as they affect other people’s lives with their music and message. Incorporating social media, press, radio and touring it’s allowing it’s artists grow together as a family.

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