“DNA” By Ian Yates Shows His DNA Is Full Of Talent

Review Date: 07/31/14
Review By: Rebekah Joy (16)
Release Date: 07/21/14
Rating: [usr 8]

Ian Yates is a UK based musician living with his wife and leading worship at his home church in Liverpool. Over the past year he has toured all over the UK leading worship at various churches. His previous albums include: The Hope And The Glory, Trusting in You (single), Good News, and most recently, DNA.

The first song of the record is called “Freedom Song” and it starts the album off with a bang. This upbeat pop number talks about the freedom God has given his followers, and how it is their duty to share the love of Christ with those around them. The strong presence of guitar and drums mixed with talented vocals makes “Freedom Song” come alive.

“The First Day” is a techno tune that celebrates that everyday is a new day given by Christ. The lyrics encourage listeners to live each day for Christ and to the full, and appreciate the gift that is a new day “Today is a new day, It’s like the first day of our lives.” The unique sounds and beats throughout the song really show the listener Ian’s passion for his music.

“Christ In Me” is a good reminder for listeners that no matter what the circumstances, or where they may be, Christ is always with them. During the tough circumstances life may bring, “Christ In Me” is a great reminder that Christ is always there with his hands of protection. Lyrics like “Every step, every breath, and every moment, Christ in me” really solidify the message of the song.

“Innocent” talks about how the lives of Jesus’ followers have purpose, and are made innocent. “Your life has purpose, you’ve been made innocent.” Lyrics such as these remind listeners of the gift they have been given, of an innocent life. It is a call to remember that God has a purpose for every single person’s life, no matter how they feel.

The first single of the album “Fullness” is a song of thanks and celebration to God for the things He has done. Lyrics such as, “You gave everything for us, your love is more then we could ever know” and “I stand in awe, you set me free” really capture the awe and wonder as to what God has done for his followers. Overall the song is a great song of praise and thanks.

“God I Need You” is a call out to God for help. The quiet, sombre beginning really captures the need, and the call out to God for protection, and help in this world full of tragedy and hurt. The lyrics “In this broken place, in the suffering, in the midst of pain, in my wandering” really capture the idea that no matter what, there will always be a need for God, and He will always be there no matter what.

“Rescued Me” is a song celebrating how God’s love has rescued us. “Your love has rescued me, it’s opened up my eyes” Not only has God’s loved rescued us, but it has opened our eyes to see the world around us. “Your love is unrelenting, your love is never failing” Throughout the song Ian gives the reminder that no matter what the situation, or how bad we’ve messed up, God will always love us.

“We Remember” is a declaration of love and thanks to God. “Father we trust in you, we remember all you’ve done, we remember all you’ve brought us through, father we trust in you.” With beautifully written lyrics like these, “We Remember” is a great verbalization of the love and gratitude many feel towards God, and is sure to be a song that resonates with many.

“Spinning” is a song talking about love, and all that it is. “I’m spinning, your love is like a tidal wave.” Ian’s talented song writing abilities make lyrics like these paint a picture of God’s love and while listening to “Spinning” he paints a really great picture of how big God’s love is, and how much He truly does love us. This song like many of the other songs provides a great reminder that God will always love us.

“We Enjoy You” talks about our love for God. “Father we enjoy you, Jesus we enjoy you, Spirits we enjoy you, we delight in you.” The increased volume and passion throughout these lyrics give a good build-up to the chorus, which becomes a large burst of passion, and really shows off Ian’s passion for worship in the process.

“We Stand” is the final track off the album, and is a great ending! “We Stand” is a very quiet, reflective song about what it means to be a Christian. “We stand forgiven and, we stand alive and redeemed, singing hallelujah.

Overall, DNA is a great album that will be loved by many. Ian Yates is an up and coming worship leader, and it won’t be long before his name and work is known all over the world! Buy DNA today and witness the passion Ian has for God, and his music.

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