Author Jamie Snyder Offers Thou Shall, A Provocative Wake Up Call For Active Faith From David C Cook Sept. 1

Author and popular pastor Jamie Snyder is on a mission to disprove the perception that God’s favorite words are ‘Thou Shall Not,’ encouraging readers to swap passive avoidance of sin for lives of active faith.  Releasing Thou Shall: Freedom to Strip Away the “Nots” and Discover What God Really WantsSeptember 1 from David C Cook, Snyder makes the argument that many Christians have settled for a belief system defined by avoiding certain behaviors in an attempt to honor God: a ‘Thou Shall Not’ relationship. Through Biblical exploration, Snyder finds a much different message, an active God who calls followers to go, act, advocate and serve. Both provocative and inspirational, and simultaneously humorous, Thou Shall is for those seeking a more dynamic and motivating relationship with God.

When you believe in a passive God, faith in him is safe, predictable and harmless both to you and others,” says Snyder in his book.  “However, when you believe in an active God, a God who is on the move and expects you to be as well, then suddenly penny loafers and pressed slacks are no longer the appropriate attire, but they need to be traded in for a fire suit and a crash helmet.”

“As his church, there is no room for passivity,” continues Snyder.  “Moral compliance is hugely significant, but there is no room to settle for a passive faith defined simply by avoiding certain behaviors.  If God is an active God, and he is, then why would he institute a passive faith?  He wouldn’t. He didn’t.”

The Ten Commandments are vital pillars of Christianity, but Snyder’s fresh look at the Bible reveals significantly more ‘Thou Shall’ callings from God than ‘Thou Shall Not’ directives. From the flurry of activity called Creation, to the movement of the Holy Spirit in His church for the purpose of recreation, God always has been and always will be on the move.

Anywhere a Christian works, or sits, or stands, or worships, or plays there should be an overlap between heaven and earth,” adds Snyder.  “The way we live our lives should be forever leaving an etching within our circle of influence that says not ‘God was here,’ but more so, ‘God is here.’” 

In addition to the foreword written by Kyle Idleman, author of Not a Fan and Gods at War, Snyder includes in Thou Shall questions for reflection and customized prayers to reinforce the focus of each chapter.


Story Source: Hoganson Media

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Jamie Snyder is Lead Pastor of Lakeside Christian Church where he teaches thousands on a weekly basis. Though he has many titles–husband, father, preacher, writer, bookworm, table-tennis player extraordinaire–the most significant one, by far, is Child of God. He resides with his wife and three children in Kentucky. For more information, go to

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