Through Maddy’s Eyes: Refusing To Let Fear Get In The Way

It seems that there’s a danger for us humans:

We can easily let either pride or insecurity take control of the gifts God has given to us.

Last week I went to Camp Electric, a Camp where the best of the best in Christian music come to teach some of the most talented kids in the country. I was shakin’ in my boots when I had to get up and sing for Mike Grayson of Mikeschair – and when Royal Tailor told me they read my review of their album last year. It was scary because I was being put in the face of possible rejection. Mike could have told me that I was horrible, making my self – confidence fall flat on its face. (When I was ten, Mike told me to learn as many instruments as I could – which I am doing!) Tauren could have told me how they thought my article was poorly written and that he hated it.

But that didn’t happen, of course.

(You can find out what actually did happened in my series of articles about each day of Camp last week.)

The week before I went to Camp, I was having some serious doubts. I mean, I was about to be put in the middle of 900 people who had the same dream as me. Was I gonna be good enough? Was my passion to serve others and to show Jesus through my music going to be deep enough? What if I got nervous and embarrassed myself in front of the people whose opinion I cared about most? I was letting these insecurities get in my way of the great plan Jesus had for me over that next week.

Then, two days before I had to leave, a close family friend passed away.

This was the same family friend who was so very proud of me for trying to be in music, who loved my voice and loved that I was taking a leap of faith. I realized the moment she passed that I needed to keep going. I know God will use me for big things, and I need to keep insecurities from getting in my way.

I had been dealing with insecurities and such alike frequently before Camp. I think that I needed to be there when I was, because whether I like it or not, I’m refusing to let my insecurities and fears get in the way of what Jesus has planned for me. Too many people are sitting in offices that are crazy talented. But we will never know, because they are letting fear get in the way of the gifts God has given to them.

In my opinion, I would rather try my best and not make it, rather than not try at all. In the scope of things, we owe it to God to at least try to use the gifts God has given us.

I encourage you to take the leap of faith and trust God to use you. He won’t set you up for failure. He has a divine plan for you, and he’s going to rock your world if you let him. I want to be a female DJ in CCM. I’m daring to be different. I’m going to let God put me outside of my comfort zone. It’s gonna be tough, but it’s gonna be worth it.

You can too. After all, I’m fourteen. But I am proof that God can use any age to make a difference. Believe me, He will use you if you open your heart to Him.